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Done at last

Well it’s been a long time coming.

I’ve had massive wait for paint and then Matt (paintbymatt) stepped in and saved the day. Can’t thank the fella enough. He did a cracking job.

Now it’s time to enjoy it.image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image

Photos by Kev @ black eye specialist

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Got the bike ready for the revolver show in hasting this weekend. Its not running but was a good excuse to do a big push and get lots done. It shouldn’t take much to get it running now but need to go over everything and make sure its all done properly. Really happy with how the paint came out. My mate Will Barras did it all with spray cans and paint brush. IMG_1512 IMG_1518 IMG_1519 IMG_1551

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Where we are.

So I have like most others negated to update to blog. Nonetheless this is where I am at.


Sissy bar – Anti Aircraft Editionimage image


Engine freshen up done. The last picture proof that I did do some engine work. Although if I lose compression on the way to the trip out i’m still blaming you Rob! 😂


Rear wheel polished.image

frame powder coated.

image image image image

There were about 6 million different bar combination’s I had bombarded Rob with. These are the last two. I went with the standard looking pullbacks. Can’t beat a classic.


Now comes the paint bit. My Dad is a painter so we are going to have a go at a bitching paint job. See you on the other side.

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A little update

image image image image image image imageSo I’ve been pretty rubbish and forgot to update this as I went along

my bike for the build off is almost done

please let me know what you guys think so far

I’ve used a 98 evo engine

built on a causeway motorcycles frame

I’ve had skinny wheels built up for this 21 for front and 18 rear,

put a sissy bar together along with some stupid crazy pipes which I think look quite cool!

Used a lowbrow p nut tank which I changed to a mid tunnel

made all the brackets and bits and bobs myself also, chopped up controls to make everything fit and look more period

plus lots of other bits

ive worked hard on this bike, it’s been a real learning curve, my first build and I’m fairly happy how it’s turned out , for an evo chop I think it looks really cool

just waiting on a smaller fuel tap and may posdibly trim cam & sprocket covers down!


ill post a load of pics of the progress

feedback welcome ­čÖé

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Cuttin’ it

Sometimes I feel sorry about completely stripping this bike down to build a new one. I am keeping everything on the wall though, promised. One day this might come back.
This is a really good ride, a rider’s bike. Exactly what is going to be in the new reincarnation. Show bikes don’t really appeal to me. But that’s just how I feel. If I don’t rip the shit out of a bike, I’m not in peace with myself!

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 20.05.30

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Tappin’ that’ ass

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 19.55.19

Drilled out and tapping the bottom of the stem to fit a 5/8″ bolt. In this way I can run a headlight bracket and neck stopper without modifying the frame and drilling holes on this very slim triple trees. It’s either “Screwing-up Saturday” or “Tappin’ that’ass Saturday”.
P.S. If you are wondering, YES the previous owner welded these bottom trees onto both fork legs.